On February 23, 2017 the AER released Directive 084 – Requirements for Hydrocarbon Emission Controls and Gas Conservation in the Peace River Area. The objectives include:

  • The elimination of routine venting, and  prevention of non-routine venting of solution gas.
  • The reduction of non-routine flaring.
  • Increase in the conservation of solution gas.
  • The reduction of fugitive emissions.

Important for Target Emission Services is that licensees must develop, document, and implement a fugitive emissions management program (FEMP) including the following elements:

  1. Weekly Audio/Visual/Olfactory Inspections.
  2. Monthly Surveys focused on targeted components (tank-top components, flare ignitor or pilot, and compressor seals).
  3. Annual Surveys – an independent third-party survey of all site components must be conducted annually to verify the effectiveness of a licensee’s FEMP.
  4. Quantification of leak rates is required when a leak is not repaired, or leaking component is not replaced within 24 hours, or a leak is detected during the annual survey.
  5. Repairs – the licencee must start addressing (e.g., repair, shut-in, bypass, isolate, or eliminate) any leaks immediately upon detection.
  6. Monthly and annual reporting.
  7. Record keeping – the licensee must retain a complete record of all surveys, inspections, leak detection and quantification results and procedures, leak repairs, QA/QC programs, and reports for 5 years.

Target Emission Services is uniquely positioned to help companies manage theses requirements with our management software (TARGET SUITE™) and field LDAR services.