Calgary, July 31, 2017 – Target Emission Services (TARGET), provider of leak detection services to the oil and gas industry utilizing Optical Gas Imaging Technology, is excited to have reached its 10-year anniversary in July 2017. TARGET is proud of its decade long service record, expanding from an Alberta business, to cover projects across North America, with US based offices in Houston and Pittsburgh.  TARGET has gained industry recognition as a service provider with a strong reputation for quality work, and an impeccable safety record. This achievement was recognized in 2016 at the annual Ernst and Young Prairie Region Entrepreneur of the Year awards where the founding company partners, Terence Trefiak, Ted Hart, and Dan Bulat won the award in the Cleantech and Environmental category.

Mr. Trefiak originally trialed the Optical Gas Imaging technology for the manufacturer, FLIR Systems, in 2005 while he worked with Burlington Resources, an E&P company in Canada that was acquired by ConocoPhillips in 2006. Mr. Trefiak realized the potential of this new technology to reduce emissions at facilities, save companies money by recovering lost product, and provide compliance with the Alberta Energy Regulator’s newly announced Directive requiring companies to comply with a CAPP Best Management Practice for fugitive emissions.

“The advent of Optical Gas Imaging Technology enabled us to detect leaks of all sizes very quickly and efficiently.” Says Mr. Trefiak. “I realized that with this technology I could provide significant value to the upstream, and midstream companies by implementing comprehensive Fugitive Emissions Management Programs, directing companies to where leaks exist at their facilities. Also, by providing management software to our customers documenting all leak data, pictures and videos of the leaks, we empower them with the management tools they need to track repairs, and to satisfy any regulatory reporting required in their jurisdiction.”

Here are some significant statistics of TARGET’s achievements over the last 10 years:

  • Number of Canadian provinces/territories worked in: 6
  • Number of US states worked in: 38
  • Number of fugitive emissions surveys completed: 8,500
  • Number of emissions identified and recorded in target online software: 135,000
  • Total annual gas value of emissions: $75 million
  • Annual value per facility survey: $9 thousand
  • Net present value of repair/recovery: $130 million
  • Net value of repair/recovery per facility survey: $16 thousand

With the recent government interest in reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas, and petrochemical industries, Optical Gas Imaging technology is now being recommended as the most effective technology choice for detecting fugitive emissions.  TARGET plans to release their new Android app (TARGET TRACK™) in the summer of 2017 which will not only improve TARGET crew’s efficiency, quality control and safety but also enable those customers who plan to internalize some of their own inspections to capture assessment data and manage repair activities. This software release will also further enhance the efficiency and quality of data management in support of regulatory reporting using TARGET’s cloud based management portal (TARGET ONLINE™).

TARGET endeavors to continue its technical leadership and partnership with those valued customers at the forefront of the challenges posed by this growing industry. This is achieved by providing quality inspection services by experienced technicians and engineered software tools which appropriately manage fugitive emissions management programs and regulatory compliance obligations.

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