The AER published the new draft Directive 060 regulations on the 24th April which include requirements for either triannual, or annual fugitive emission survey frequencies at gas plants, compressor stations, controlled liquid hydrocarbon tanks, batteries, custom treating facilities, and injection/disposal facilities depending on facility type. This creates a significant data management challenge for oil and gas companies due to the amount of data that will have to be maintained and accurately reported, all by facility ID code. Specifically:
• the volume of fugitive emissions (m3)
• the corresponding mass of methane emitted (kg)
• for any fugitive emissions site survey, tank survey, or well screening during the reporting period, (i) the type of survey or screening, (ii) the date the survey or screening was completed per site by facility ID code, and (iii) the number of identified sources of fugitive emissions, per site

In addition, there are strict requirements on leak repairs which have to be completed within 30 days of identification of the leak (except when a leak is causing off-lease odours, or are the result of a failed pilot or ignitor on a flare stack, or have the potential to cause safety issues, in which case repair has to be done within 24 hours). Repair confirmation needs to be done within 7 days of the component being brought back into service.

Records must be kept for four years from the date they were created of all survey data, repair data, repair confirmation and completed training programs and valid certifications for all individuals conducting fugitive emission surveys.

Please contact Target Emission Services for help planning your Fugitive Emission Management Plan (FEMP). We can:
• Give you guidance on documenting your FEMP which will be required by June 1, 2019
• Help devise a pre-screening plan for your facilities
• Advise on whether to internalize some (or all) of your annual inspections
• Provide management software for both field data capture, and program management including repair tracking

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The draft regulations can be found here –