With new optical gas imaging (OGI) technology, in lieu of the Environmental Protection Agency’s old Method-21 “sniffing” for Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), that approach not only is practical, it’s preferred, said Brandon Mogan, president of Tora Consulting, which provides environmental and engineering business advisory services.

Mogan delivered his message to terminal owners and operators during the “Approaches to Detecting Leaks and Measuring Fugitive Emissions” session at the International Liquid Terminal Association’s 38th Annual International Operating Conference & Trade Show in June in Houston, Texas.

“We feel optical gas imaging is the way to go for LDAR for a lot of reasons,” Mogan said. “It’s far more efficient than the old Method-21 approach, and so from an emissions perspective, from a cost perspective and a product-loss perspective – all around – it’s a much better technology.”

The session also included input from Terence Trefiak, founder and president of Tora’s sister company, Target Emission Services – Target’s their field services arm, Tora’s the consulting arm – and Peter Weaver, whose new startup, Orbital Sidekick, looks for leaks from air and space.

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