In December 2018, as well as releasing a new edition of Directive 060, the AER also released Manual 16 which is a guide for industry on how to develop fugitive emissions management programs (FEMPs) that comply with Directive 060. Manual 16 covers best practices and technology in some detail, but there is a significant emphasis on the importance of Data Management and Record Keeping. The old adage “If it’s not written down it didn’t happen” very much applies to FEMP data management due to the amount of data that has to be managed, and the amount of people involved. For compliance and best practice here is a list of the data that needs to be managed for each survey:

  • Facility information – Contact, Facility Type, Equipment/Process List, Location, Hazard Assessment Data
  • Assessment information – Unit/Area, Date and Time, Technician Information, Equipment ID
  • Component information – Building/Equipment ID, Component Service, Component ID, Component Type and Size
  • Leak Information – Detailed Description (location, type, description etc.), Repair/Recovery Information, Repair Date, GPS Coordinates, Pictures/Video

Directive 060 requires that companies must have procedures and systems that are able to manage all of their survey data, as well as be able to trigger the necessary repairs and track repair status for the reporting and record keeping requirements. This will be a complex task with many facilities of different types with different survey frequencies to manage each year, multiple people performing the surveys including external contractors and internal resources, and many people involved with leak repairs.

A comprehensive data management system will not only help companies manage the large amount of data that will be generated through this program, it will also help company stakeholders and survey contractors to complete their work consistently, efficiently, and accurately. Please contact Target Emission Services to find out more about our data management software solutions for the new requirements of Directive 060.

TARGET ONLINE™ – online application and centralized database for communication emission survey results, repair tracking, and to facilitate corporate and regulatory reporting.

TARGET TRACK™ – field data entry software installed on android device to ensure consistent fugitive emission data capture, and instant data synchronization with TARGET ONLINE™.

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