TARGET has extensive experience in providing fugitive emission programs than meet regulatory compliance requirements across multiple jurisdictions.


  • Subpart W GHG Reporting
  • LDAR Requirements (VV, VVa, KKK, OOOO, OOOOa)
  • State specific LDAR and Fugitive Emission requirements


  • BC Flaring and Venting Reduction Guideline –  June 2016
    • Programs must meet or exceed the CAPP Best Management Practice Management of Fugitive Emissions at Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities – January 2007
  • BC GHG Reporting Regulation Industrial Emitters
  • Methodology – WCI Essential Requirements for Mandatory Reporting – 2013 Addendum to Canadian Harmonization Version
  • AER Directive 060: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring, Incinerating, and Venting/Section 8.10 Fugitive Emissions Management
    • Duty holder must develop a program using AER guideline Manual 016: How to Develop a Fugitive Emissions Management Program.
  • AER Directive 084: Requirements for Hydrocarbon Emission Controls and Gas Conservation in the Peace River Area
  • Petroleum Refining – Industry Standard under the Local Air Quality Regulation (O. Reg. 419/05) for benzene and benzo[a]pyrene
  • Guideline for Quantification, Reporting and Verification of GHG Emissions – January 2017 Version
  • Directive S-10: Saskatchewan Upstream Petroleum Industry Associated Gas Conservation Directive
  • Directive S-20: Saskatchewan Upstream Flaring and Incineration Requirements


Please contact us for country specific regulatory compliance requirements.


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