One very important factor in any FEMP or LDAR program is data management and reporting. Compliance with these programs is measured by the accuracy and validity of leak and emission data. Performing quality monitoring is the first step, but the real challenge for most programs (and where most programs fail) is managing and tracking what happens to the recorded data after the monitoring. For this reason, we have designed a suite of software systems to provide a usable and effective data management system to help achieve and maintain compliance.

FEMP and LDAR data management software for managing assessment data, and regulatory reporting:


Online application and centralized database for communication emission survey results, repair tracking, and to facilitate corporate and regulatory reporting.


Custom field data entry software installed on portable tablet devices to ensure consistent fugitive emission data capture. Enables instant data synchronization with TARGET ONLINE™.


Mobile Android application that allows field crews to efficiently create LDAR component inventories and track EPA Method 21 monitoring results.


  • A centralized system providing a consistent and efficient method of managing all assessment data.
  • An effective method to communicate facility assessment results via a user-friendly online interface.
  • Ability to run various reports for corporate or regulatory submissions.
  • The ability to view and print emission details (leak location, video and pictures, etc.) for effective repair activities.
  • The ability to update repair status and record repair activities for each leak and track the overall repair rate status for each facility.


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