We provide a full range of fugitive emission management services to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. We specialize in the use of infrared optical thermal imaging to locate hydrocarbon gas leaks and vents. Our experience and innovative technology provides accurate, safe, and cost-effective detection & measurement of hydrocarbon fugitive emissions.


TARGET provides an innovative approach to fugitive emission management focused on the use of modern equipment and technologies. Our clients benefit from our unmatched level of experience which shows in the level of quality in the services we provide. This quality translates to the high level of confidence that our clients enjoy in knowing that their emission compliance needs are being met accurately, efficiently, safely. Time and time again we transform LDAR and FEMP programs from being seen as a burden into being valued as a positive facility advantage.




We are actively able to demonstrate a number of tangible benefits as a result of our fugitive emission management services:

Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

  • Meet or exceed the requirements of jurisdictional regulations
  • Reduce burden on maintenance and operations staff
  • Eliminate audit risk

Improving Health & Safety

  • Identify and eliminate fire & explosion hazards
  • Reduce gas exposure potential hazards
  • Reduce facility odors

Maximizing Profits

  • Recover lost product
  • Increase production
  • Reduce fuel costs

Reducing Emissions

  • Reduce GHG (methane) and VOC emissions
  • Identify emission reduction offset/credit opportunities
  • Improve accuracy of emissions inventory


TERENCE TREFIAK, P.E.Managing Director Since 2007
Terence is a founding partner and Managing Director of Target Emission Services. He is a Professional Engineer with a degree in chemical engineering with over 15 years of experience in providing fugitive emission consulting expertise to the oil and gas, and chemical manufacturing industries. He has a wealth of experience in the use of optical gas imaging (infrared) technology and a variety of other fugitive emission detection and measurement equipment. His unique knowledge has enabled him to help many clients create and implement successful fugitive emission management programs. Terence specializes in transforming outdated/struggling LDAR programs from failure to success through the use of modernized equipment, protocols and data management systems.
IMRAN NURANI, B.Sc.Canadian Division Manager Since 2012
Imran has been with TARGET since 2010 and specializes in client relations, project implementation, and quality assurance. Due to his in-depth knowledge of fugitive emission regulations, Imran leads the TARGET Solutions Technical Support (TSTS) team, including providing QA/QC, training as well as ongoing client support. He is also integral to the ongoing enhancements and testing of TARGET’s solutions.
JARED METCALF, B.Sc.USA Operations Manager Since 2013
With a B. Sc. in Industrial Technology and Instrumentation Jared provides logistical and operational support to TARGET’s USA crews. He is our lead contact for interacting with clients in both office and field settings. Jared’s extensive experience in providing professional fugitive emission monitoring services across North America and internationally has given him the expertise to help our clients meet their compliance requirements. Jared specializes in the design, setup and implementation of LDAR programs using Optical Gas Imaging.